Timothy Eustace Major

3D Modeller, Matte Painter, Texture Artist and Compositor, specialising in environments.

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) – Environment Artist in Post-Vis, Kennedy Miller Mitchell

Mad Max Image 1 Mad Max Image 2

Insurgent (2015) - CG Artist, Animal Logic

Insurgent Image

Ridley Scott's "Prometheus" - 3D Modeller, FuelVFX

Prometheus Image 1 Prometheus Image 2 Prometheus Image 3 Prometheus Image 4

We received scanned 3D models of the sets, for which I was responsible for lining up to stereoscopic plates. Once aligned, I needed to build and fix sections of the model that were either missing or didn’t align correctly. The models were then passed onto the lighting and compositing departments to receive reprojected lighting used in the film.

The Blinky Bill Movie (2015) – Environment Modeller/Layout Artist, Flying Bark Productions

Blinky Bill Image

3D Model and Textures

3D Modelled and Textured Rocks

3D modelled rock. High poly sculpt and layered textures created in ZBrush. Low poly retopology built using Topogun. Reprojected textures, and normals created with xNormal.

2D Environment Painting

2D Environment Painting

Inspired by this post, I wanted to get back on track with my painting practice. I've been doing a lot of 3D modelling and film layout over the past few months, and was worried that I was neglecting my 2D.

I began with an outline sketch, then began sampling the colours directly from one of the photos, but didn't like how muddy it was getting, so I ended up just choosing some primary colours and mixing them as I went.

The piano, walls, floors and windows are all done using Adobe Photoshop's square brush with 10% spacing, Transfer : Flow Jitter : Pen Pressure, and smoothing enabled. The branches use the same brush but all of the foliage was created using a standard circle brush for the foreground plants, and "lazy brushes" by =tanathe found here. =tanathe also has a great tutorial on speed painting, which I highly recommend, even if just to glean some great techniques.

Modelling for holden.com.au

3D Modelled Car

Maya, 3DSMax, VRay

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